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Susan Korda

Susan Korda grew up in New York City and Vienna, Austria, where she attended medical school "for a New York second" before returning to her home town to study filmmaking at CCNY. She worked as an editor for over 20 years, and attributes the editing room for her creative and spiritual advancement.

With David Leitner, Korda directed and produced the award-winning documentary “Vienna is Different;" her personal documentary “One of Us“ was the result of her 2-year Fulbright fellowship in Berlin. In 2014 Korda completed her short narrative, “Salomea’s Nose.”

The Oscar™ nominated documentary “For All Mankind” was edited by Susan and she was editor and creative collaborator on Sandi Du Bowski’s ground-breaking “Trembling Before G-d.” She was story consultant on Alan Berliner’s “The Sweetest Sound” and “First Cousin Once Removed," and a producer on Emily & Sarah Kunstler’s “William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe.” First Cousin and the Kunstler film were short-listed for Academy awards.

Korda teaches at Columbia University and conducts editing and story-telling workshops in the U.S., Europe, Israel and South Africa. Currently she lives in New York City and is working on her “Jerusalem Project,” in which she is finding the similarities and differences in the dreams, fairytales, superstitions, cooking recipes and jokes amongst Christians, Muslims and Jews of Jerusalem.


Christine Günther

Christine Guenther grew up in the Bavarian countryside where she talked the neighbor’s kids into playing supporting roles in her first VHS shorts poductions. After studying American literature and linguistics, communication and political science, she made an excursion into the enticing wonderland of commercial production. Then she rediscovered her passion for narrative, which includes documentary features.

As a freelancer Christine line-produced Philip Gröning’s THE POLICE OFFICER’S WIFE (Special Jury Prize at the 70th Venice Film Fest), and the Israel shooting block of Pepe Danquarts RUN, BOY, RUN, Connie Walther’s FIDGETY PHILIP as well as Burhan Qurbani’s SHAHADA (Berlinale Competition) and most recently Philip Koch’s OUTSIDE THE BOX, Philip Groening’s MY BROTHER ROBERT and Jakob M. Erwa’s THE CENTER OF THE WORLD.

Susan Korda’s short SALOMEA’S NOSE (BERLINALE 2014, Cannes Court Métrage SFC, LA Shorts Fest) marks the beginning of Christine’s independent producing endeavours. With her company fireglory berlin (formerly known as Optasia Film), she is setting up in-house developments and deepening her U.S. connection. In Los Angeles she’s created a lively sandbox with her production partner Chevy Chen (whom she met while working on European shooting blocks for USA Network’s COVERT AFFAIRS) in which filmmakers can get inspired and play with story. Christine and Chevy are moving their respective solo companies under one label and form fireglory pictures LLC in LA as the common mothership for transcontinental endeavors


Fireglory is a newly-founded independent production label with campfires in Berlin, Los Angeles and a pop-up sandbox in NYC. The label is currently releasing festival charmer SALOMEAS NOSE, co-producing Zack Taylor’s feature documentary CASSETTE and building a slate of English-language indie developments with commercial potential and an emphasis on creating equal opportunities for female filmmakers.


Stephan Fallucchi

Originally from the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland, studied cinematography at the "Konrad Wolf Film School"in Potsdam Babelsberg He is recognised for his sensitive and atmospheric work for commercials, documentaries and feature films. "PLANET CARLOS" was his first full-length feature shoot in Nicaragua, whitch was selected for Tokyo International Filmfestival (Competition) in 2008 and received the Second Audience Award at the Bergamo Filmmeeting in 2009. "WAY HOME (VERGISS DEIN ENDE)" is his graduate Feature and was nominated for "Best Cinematographers Debut" at the Plus Camerimage Art of Cinemato. For hie work on SALOMEAS NOSE he ws nominated for the German Cinematography Award. He loves Asia and is currently based in Berlin


Jasmin Reuter

Jasmin Reuter ist a German composer, who writes music for features, documentaries, commercials and TV-openers. She studied 'audiovisual media' at the University of Applied Science in Stuttgart. After her diploma she won a Fulbright scholarship to attend the film scoring program at renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. She went back to Germany in 2010 to additionally complete the postgraduate film scoring course 'Film music and Sounddesign' at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. She also was invited to attend the film scoring masterclass 'Berlinale Talents 2013‘.

production designers


Adán Hérnandez S. was born in Mexico City in 1975. He studied Philosophy and Visual Arts. After his move to Germany he graduated in Munich as a Set Designer. He continued his studies at the Art Academy of East Berlin, „Berlin-­‐Weißensee“, to become a Stage Designer, eventually finishing his education at the Film- & TV-­‐Academy Konrad Wolf Potsdam, Babelsberg as Production Designer. Since 1998 Adán has been working on several film, theater and art projects, with the likes of the directors Hannes Stöhr, Ivan Stanev, Shanti Oyarzabal, Philip Gröning, Andreas Morell, Burhan Qurbani and many more. 2010 he established a planning office for Narrative Spaces, „Raumsektor“, in Berlin, Germany. 2014 he was appointed Professor for Scenography at the MET Film School in Berlin. Adán works and lives in Europe and Latin America.

Raumsektor,’s other founding partner, Barbara Falkner (MA Interior Design / MA Production Design) as well as Adán Hernández (MA Production Design) has in addition to her artistic academic education, several years of work experience in the field of fine arts, stage design, production design, interaction design and interior design.

Raumsektor, based in Berlin and founded in 2009, has worked extensively on a variety of international projec


Sabine Brose

Sabine Brose has been a film editor since 1996, and over the years has helped create award-­winning feature and documentary films. Her editing won her a “Best Editing prize“ for “The Little Girl Who Fell From a Tree“ at the 1998 AFI International Filmfestival in Los Angeles, and in 2013 she was awarded the prestigious „Deutscher Kamerapreis Schnitt“ (German Cinematography Award for Editing) for “Fidgeter“. Sabine Brose is also a trained clown and acts in an improvisational theatre in Berlin. She teaches film editing and creativity at the film academies in Vienna, Baden-­‐Württemberg and the international filmschule in Cologne.

costume design

Katrin Berthold and Juliane Friedrich

Since her childhood Katrin Berthold lives in Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg and started her career in costume design as a men-taylor for East-German TV productions.

After she graduated from artschool in costume-design, she startet her filmwork as an apprentice in “The Bubi Scholz Story“, which received a German Academy Award for the best costume design. Her first own designs started with German directors Norbert Baumgarten, Florian Lukas & Axel Prahl in 2002.

For Jochen Alexander Freydank’ ”Toyland“, which won an Academy Award in 2009 as best narrative short, Katrin created her first own historical / period costume design – a field she loves and loved to to dive back into with her fellow costume designer Juliane Friedrich for Susan Korda’s SALOMEAS NOSE.

SALOMEAS NOSE will be available for Screenings on demand soon


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